opheliet (opheliet) wrote in vaginapagina,

Monistat tester for YI/BV?

Hi lovely superstars!

Has anyone here tried the (I believe it's Monistat brand) tester kit that tells you whether you've got a yeast infection or something else? Was it a good product? Because I've got some discharge and odor going on, and although there's no itching, burning, pain or anything like that, I know something is off. I inserted acidophilus capsules and that seemed to help, but it's been a couple weeks and now it's back (which makes me think yeast, but there's no itching or rash, which makes me think possibly BV.) I know I should likely get a doctor's opinion, but with the snowpocalypse outside that will be a while. I was thinking of buying the Monistat tester to see what it had to say, but wanted opinions before I dish out the cash.

(Another question- does age play a factor in the development of these problems? I never have had any problems with yeast infections or anything, and I've done enough things in my uneducated youth that would probably cause massive YIs in most, so I assumed I was not very susceptible to them. Can that change with age? Just a random question.)

Tips, thoughts, opinions? Thank you all!
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