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Not really Vag related, but where else am I gonna ask this?

In October I had an emergency Laproscopy. They thought I had appendicitis and pretty much went in to remove it, then discovered it was fine, and couldn't find out what was wrong.
So they had no explanation for the crippling pain in my appendix area that landed me in A&E and hospital.

Anyway, that aside.... I am STILL getting pain under my belly button scar.
It's scarred up properly (for once!). The other two wound scars are spreading out and look like they'll turn into the nasty thin scars that I get because of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
The healing process took a LOT longer than normal because of my EDS, but the belly button wound actually scarred properly.
The bottom of my belly button is really hard and tight, I'm guessing it's all scar tissue. And I still get pains in the belly button and down to about 2 inches below it.

Is this normal this long after it? Or should I see my doctor?
I'm not going to be able to see him for at least another week and a bit as I can only go whern it's my boyfriend's day off work to take me, and next week's day off we're going to the hospital for a really important appt, and I have no idea how long I'll be there, so I can't go to the doctor.

Any advice?

Could it just be my bladder? I have had a slightly high white count the last few weeks, so I might have an infection and not be noticing it... though I get waterworks infections a lot, and I'm not feeling any of the symptoms.
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