wilgefortiis (wilgefortiis) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is ovulation affected by alcohol consumption?

Hi again... My period is now a week late. I've done numerous urine tests both at home and at the free clinic and all have come back negative for pregnancy. But I've never had a period be this late before, and although I'm trying to stay calm--since clearly the added stress and worry will only throw it off even more--I'm really at a loss to explain this.

Based on my usual cycle, I anticipated ovulation on/around the weekend of January 22rd, which was when my boyfriend last visited and when conception, if any, would have occurred. My question for today is this: would drinking a fairly large quantity of alcohol during that time (I think five beers if I recall correctly) delay ovulation? My boyfriend is a lot bigger than me, and we were keeping in pace at a bar one evening while he was here; I definitely drank more than I should have (a lot more than I usually drink), and was really sick when we came back to my apartment. Would this be enough to delay ovulation by a week?

Thanks for all your replies so far to my frantic questioning... this community is a great help to me.
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