justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,


hi vpers just a queston
i'm using monistat...the 7 day treatment suppositories...and well, i got my period yesterday and i have a long day tomorrow and a pad just wont help with my flow, so i was wondering...
how bad is it to use a tampon for just 4 hours tomorrow while im at a big meeting?
i know it says not to use them but this seems like i really need to just this once
the infection seems to be treated and im just a day away from the end of the monistat. is it really a huge risk to use a tampon for just a few hours? plz help :(
if its any help...i uses the suppository at 10 pm tonight, and wont be using a tampon until about 11 tomorrow.

im also on day 5/7 and i dont think i have enough cream for the last night...is that okay? i assume that using the whole tube means the infection will be treated...

i read other posts about this but i really need to use a tampon so i was jw
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