Healthy Mind (perfection2007) wrote in vaginapagina,
Healthy Mind

I really need advice...

My situation:
*no health insurance (for me or family)
*income: about $350/month
*i have a bump "down there" and ive noticed some possible std (or worse?) symptoms.

im kinda freaked out. i hope i dont have anything, and if i do, i hope its not deadly. 
i slept w/ 2 guys last summer and it might be from that. 
i need to get tested but cant afford it.
even if i apply for insurance now, it could take weeks to get tested.
im scared.
i tried looking for free/low income std testing places, but couldnt find any.
i called 211 and they gave me planned parenthood which said it would cost me $260.
i could save up and get tested in a month or two,
but its pretty urgent.

any advice? thank you.

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