knittas (knittas) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abortion Ending Endo?

Hey VPers!
  I've suffered with severe Endo since I was about 15 or so (I'm 24 now).  I've never been able to find a gyno who would take me seriously or help me in any real way.  I don't have insurance, but I saw a few doctors who essentially told me it was in my head.  It took a trip to the hospital to be diagnosed properly.  Anyway, flash forward to November when I find out i'm pregnant and make the decision to terminate.  I go through all that and now I am not suffering from any of the same monthly symptoms that have plagued me for years.  Is there any correlation between the two or am I making this up?  Some of the research I looked at mentioned abortions possibly causing endo, but I can't find anything that would back up my situation.  Has anyone else experienced this or heard of it happening?

Thanks for the help!
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