vilifyingly (vilifyingly) wrote in vaginapagina,

screw you, gynocologist.

i'm... angry now, and sorely disappointed with my gynocologist.
i had my appointment a 8 days ago, on tuesday. i went because of irregular menstrual periods (a lackthereof, and then periods that were lasting for more than a week. and i mean lasting for like two months...) (refer to this post)

i guess i'm angry because the doctor didn't really say anything to me. he said "you have dysfunctional uterine bleeding." (telling me that before test results came in and without even giving me a blood test, and DUB is supposed to be a diagnosis of "exclusion" of other problems) he told me that "if you want to get pregnant, you might have to go through some hoops. here, start the pill and quit smoking cigarettes." and that was it. he said i'd also get another period after the progesterone shot that they gave me there on the same day, and it was to "clean out the extra lining" since there was a bit built up.

now, the progesterone shot bruised me pretty badly, i've had migraines for a week, i started my, technically THIRD, period about two-three days ago, even though i never really stopped the one that started in DECEMBER.

i'm sick of bleeding. i'm sick of being on my period. i just want it to stop. if i've already been bleeding for months, why induce another period? and not to mention, now i'm bleeding VERY heavily - moreso than a normal flow. this happened last year though during that two month period i had no help, there was just a time it was bleeding overly heavily. i don't know what to do. my gyno is extremely busy, scheduling an appointment with him isn't easy. but i can't even imagine what losing all this blood is doing to my body. not to mention the pms is so bad right now i want to cry, even though just five minutes ago i was angry enough to punch my gyno in the face.

is there anything i can do naturally to soothe/prevent any of this? keep the disturbingly painful cramps to a minimum, the migraine to a dull roar, the PMS so i can at least seem vaguely sane until this period of doom ends?

i just need support.
bleeding for nearly three months now... i'm losing my sanity.
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