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Twitchy/Fluttery Felling in my Lower Abdomen

OKAY! So i've been having the fluttery/twitchy feeling in my lower abdomen, possibly my uterus. I KNOW I'm not Pregnant becuase 1. I'm on the pill, 2. I've been getting a 5-7 day period on schedule, 3. Had a recen GYN appoment and the subject of my possibly being pregnant didnt come up while he was down there. Plus I've been having this feeling for about a year now (I just turned 20 yesterday whoo!)

So my question is, is this a normal feeling? I'm getting old and I'm aware that the body still changes. Is it just gas shifting around or something or should I consult my doctor? Becuase sometimes the feeling is strong enough to feel like a 'Thump' where I think my uterus is. Again, I shouldn't be pregnant becuase I've had this feeling for a about a year.

....soooo...anyone got any ideas? :/
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