Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

An article/sidebar I read... in Good Housekeeping.

Obviously due to the source I can't be absolutely sure about the reliability, but it's definitely interesting.

If You Were On Hormones...
... and are now worried about breast cancer, this new report should be reassuring. Once you stop taking the estrogen-progestin drugs, your risk of the disease drops 28 percent in the first year, an analysis from the Women's Health Initiative found. Even better, after just two years off the hormones, your chances of breast cancer go back to "normal" - or what they would have been if you'd never taken the drugs.

There was nothing more than that, but I found it interesting.

I do dislike the tone in the article, although I can't quite spot why...

Also I thought estrogen was the one that raised the risk of breast cancer, and progestin didn't?
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