kimmeh (arwenchan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Superheavy bleeding after I stopped taking birth control?

Well, a question I couldn't find a specific answer to online;

I've been taking microgynon for 4 years now, with pillfree week every 3rd month only(my doctor said it was okay because of my major menstrual cramps. However thanks to my chiropractor my menstrual cramps are gone! <3 And I have a non-active sex life for the moment, yay /sarcasm)

Now this is my first period in 4 years where I have been pill-free for a whole month and HOLY GOD I'M BLEEDING TO DEATH? I cannot remember having such heavy bleeding before. I'm wondering why I haven't fainted from blood loss yet (though I don't feel dizzy or anything.)

It's so much that it basically pools up my pad before it gets time to sink into the cotton!

So is this normal? I mean as, is it normal for your first (second and third?) periods to be heavy like woah because you've quit birth control? I sure hope so, or I'm going back to birth control.
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