Story of my life. (herloved_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,
Story of my life.

birth control consultation/issues, bleeding

Hi there superstars! For the past couple months, I've been bleeding for two weeks! Hurrah! I am currently on birth control (Loestrin 24 Fe, generic is Microgestin or Junel, etc.) and I take my pills on time every day. I have a theory that my cycle is either trying to sync up with my friend's (whose period is a week before mine) or the hormone amount in the Loestrin simply isn't enough to cover what I need.

I'm on the Loestrin because it was helpful for my cramps (which are... horrible.) but it's honestly not worth it if I'm going to bleed for half the month (which makes it really sad when I see my boyfriend, because he lives two hours away and we rarely see each other, and it sucks to be bleeding/can't have sex more than half the time I see him because he doesn't like period sex!)

I was wondering if you ladies had any suggestions of a type to be on? I'm already going in for a consultation as soon as the OB/GYN office calls me back to set up an appt, but I was wondering about your opinions.

For reference, I've also been on Yaz and OTC-lo. The monophasic pill seems to help my cramps more than the triphasic though.
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