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I looked through the tags and couldn't really find anything of this nature. Sorry fi this has been posted before, maybe I'm just not looking well enough.

What texture is the inside of your vagina and is there anything that causes a specific texture? I was reading posts over at one of the men's health communities and they were discussing how the inside of a woman feels. Basically all the commenters said that women's "canals"(?) feel different and ranged from being slick and smooth to having the same texture as chickenskin testicles. This was interesting to me as the one time I had intense sexual contact with a woman, her insides were smooth and muscular. This whole discussion just made me feel really self-conscious, because the inside of mine is more like chewed-up flesh. Sorry if this is offensive, that's just how it feels. The texture makes me a little squicked-out about penetrative masturbating (which sucks) and now I'm worried that my previous partners may have not liked it (it doesn't really matter what they think, but I'd hope that it's not uncomfortable). Does anyone know what causes this? I know everyone is different, but I have had quite a lot of contact with rather rough sex and partners with carelessly long fingernails. I also have a pretty irregular cycle (as in I still ovulate, but skip MONTHS of actual menstrual fluid), had BV a couple of times as well as a yeast infection, if that's relevant. I was thinking it might also be due to minor genital abnormalities I have due to AIS.

Sorry if that question is vague and anatomically ignorant, but I think I worded it as best I could.

EDIT:Thank you ladies sooo much for easing my insecurity! I ♥ VP!
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