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Pregnancy scare?

 I'll keep this short and simple: I'm afraid I'm pregnant.

My boyfriend and I had sex on the 23rd; I lost my virginity. But what I didn't know during that time was that I was probably ovulating ( I had been counting the days wrong and actually thought I had been a week from getting my period ). I even checked the position of my cervix -- it seemed low and hard, so it didn't seem like I could have been ovulating (if it helps, we had sex on day 16). If I had known I was ovulating (or supposed to be), I would have waited, but I guess I screwed up.

He didn't come inside me; however, he could have precumed inside me. He believes in the old pullout method, which is what we've been using.

Now, it is day 30 of my cycle and no sign of Aunt Flow...

I have been really stressed lately. My boyfriend is currently homeless, so he's been living with me, and the responsibility of taking care of him, trying to find work, and going to college has caused many a nervous breakdown. He's also getting deployed in two months, and we still don't know where he's gonna end up. 

I can understand that the stress could delay my period, but I'm more worried that it's pregnancy. I've had no "implantation bleeding." I am, however, bloated as can be. Seriously, I'm so bloated that I look like I'm 6 months pregnant. I usually get bloated near my period. I've been having insatiable munchies and can't stop eating, although I do eat out of nervousness frequently. I've also been quite emotional, from being generally moody and irritated to breaking down crying for no reason. I actually did break down crying while he and I were having sex about a week ago... Needless to say, that was verrrry awkward between us.

The other night, he asked me about my period, stating that he was feeling nervous since I hadn't gotten it yet. I stated that I should be getting it soon. In the end, we've agreed to start using condoms, if just to give me a sense of security.

My question is, if YOU were in my situation, how nervous would you be? I'm trying not to worry too much about it, for I know that stressing will only make things worse.

However, if I do not get my period in about five days, I think I'm gonna try parsley tea and probably get a test done. 

Just as a FYI, I am VERY scared, I'm just trying to push the fear out of my mind. I know I should probably take a test, but honestly, I'm too scared at this point. 

Also, what are my chances of being pregnant?
Any help or just support would be appreciated. TIA

ETA: I am not on HBC, no IUD, etc.  I was gonna get on HBC until I found out he was getting deployed. I didn't want to start taking it, only for it to be useful during the two months he'd be here. And yes, now I regret that decision.

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