alline_mathin (alline_mathin) wrote in vaginapagina,

looking for sources of progesterone

A good friend of mine has a very low progesterone level and needs to take supplements. The problem is, she has a bad liver and as such cannot take birth control in pill form that contains progesterone (because of the additives in the pills). She has taken the shots to good affect and there is also apparently an oral version that she could take, but are there other forms available?

A further complication is that non-pill progesterone is very hard to find around here (Wakefield, NE). Only two places carry it in Omaha, and that's two hours away. Does anyone live around here or around the Sioux City, IA area that knows where to obtain it? Are there places online she could order it from?

Edit: Would something like this work? The writeup doesn't sound completely scientific but maybe. Does anyone have any experience with it?
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