Jess (_venus_) wrote in vaginapagina,

endometriosis, or something else?

Question: Can endometriosis cause irregular periods?

I'm asking on behalf of my sister, who has had a lot of period problems over the years. She started later (at 15), and her periods were irregular the first year or two, probably partially due to her having just started and also due to a bout of anorexia. I think due to that, her doctor has brushed off her menstrual issues as due to age, history, whatnot and they just keep telling her there is nothing abnormal and putting her on birth control to try to regulate her periods. However, she would like to get the root of the problem, and in my limited experience it sounded similar to endo to me, but perhaps someone could shed more light on this. I'd like to give her some ideas to suggest to her gyno next time she goes. She is now 22.

She has long (a week to 10 days) periods, and they're very heavy - soaking through a super plus tampon AND a pad in an hour or two on the heaviest days, and even towards the end of her period it's still enough for frequent changes of a regular or super tampon.

She has bad cramps with them. It varies how bad, sometimes it's bad but managable, sometimes she's nauseated and it is difficult to work, even with Advil.

Her cycles are very irregular - she only gets her period about every 3-4 months. There is no family history of anything else. My mother has heavy periods, too, but not heavy like that.

Help, anyone? Thank you! :)

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