begforsummer (begforsummer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cost of HBC?

How much does brand name HBC, specifically in pill form, cost when purchased from a pharmacy (with a perscription obviously) in the US? I know there are many different brands, so if you happen to know the cost of a certain brand and could list it, that would be awesome.

I have no insurance but I'm a little weary of taking generics - so if you have any info on how it's just as good as the brand name stuff as far as lack of side effects, that would be great. I would be taking it to treat a certain condition rather than for contraceptive purposes at this point. I know generics are supposed to be just as effective, but I've heard that the side effects can be worse, though it's more from anecdotal evidence than hard evidence.

I do know there are clinics available where I could get it for free, but I'm curious as to what it would cost out of pocket from a pharmacy and have had trouble finding any real info on this.

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