Munkers (arularia) wrote in vaginapagina,

BC Fears--Why?

There's a trend that I've been noticing for awhile now in VP (elsewhere as well, but I spend more time reading VP). Obviously I realize that this community lends itself to some skewed demographics just because of what it is--namely, we get a lot of traffic from people who are scared/anxious/needing information and don't see the "good times" as often. But even with that, I'm still puzzled at what seems like an increase in people who don't seem to realize that hormonal birth control, in and of itself, is pretty effective as a contraceptive.

This is a big red flag for me. I can't shake the feeling that we (general we, not VP we) are failing people in a BIG way when they don't realize that besides being helpful for things like acne, PMS reduction, and cycle regulation, BC is, first and foremost, a contraceptive. The entire purpose of it is to prevent pregnancy all on it's own!

Now, I understand the desire to double up on protection. Hell, I personally back-up my IUD with condoms about 90% of the time. But I don't understand the abject terror I'm seeing here from people who missed their normal pill time by an hour or had penetrative intercourse without a condom (but have been using their BC effectively and thus can be assumed to be protected) and now think they need EC.

What's happening here? Are our health professionals failing to educate their patients? Is it sensationalist media like I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant? Just... how do we fix this?

Disclaimer: I really hope that no one feels attacked in any of this. That's not my intention. My personal thoughts (for now at least) are that there's a huge education deficit here and it is in no way, shape, or form the fault of BC users. Why it's there I have no idea, but I'm hoping for some dialogue here that will 1) help me wrap my head around this and 2) shed some light on how to change the situation.

ETA: From reading these first few comments, I'm seeing another theme emerge. Namely, the notion of "unprotected intercourse." Potentially confusing language? Not enough distinction between a lack of pregnancy protection versus a lack of STI protection? Maybe we have some kind of false dichotomy going on here (that you can't be protected against one if you're not protected against the other).
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