thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Shortening vagina?

Okay, well, the subject is a bit of an exaggeration. I'm fairly positive that my vagina has not gotten smaller. However, this month, when I got my period, I was having more difficulty than usual getting a tampon in. I've been a tampon user for like eight years, so I think I'm good in that department. When I said it got more difficult, it wasn't painful at all, but rather it felt like I was hitting the back really quickly, like cervix-bumping. When I put the tampon in and stood up, it feels like what it feels like after you push it down accidentally and it's getting really close to the outside. I've had moments like this with every period, and normally I just duck into the bathroom and push it back up! But this period it was literally every single time I tried to put one in and it was difficult to push back up. I know that tampons can't get "stuck" up there but, just in case, I tried bearing down and trying to push out anything that might have been in there to block the new ones. I even dug around and I didn't really feel anything except normal vaginal wall folds and perhaps a bit more puffiness than usual. I'm not particularly concerned, but rather curious. Any reason you can think of that might cause vagina to feel shorter?

Potentially relevant information:
- first month on new BC Aviane (generic of Alesse)
- just finished 7-day round of prescription yeast infection cream
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