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how to stop break through bleeding

Hello ladies! I have a problem that needs solving.

I am on Linessa and have been for over a year now. Every once and a while, when my off/placebo week falls on some sort of special occassion (like when my parents are out of town...) I will skip my period. And so far I have had zero problems... except for now! I have been break-through bleeding for the last WEEK and I am already on my week 2 of my pill pack. As I am sure for those of you who have experienced this/can image, this is VERY annoying and I would really like for it to stop. Is there any way I could speed up the process? I know I should give the skipping-of-periods a rest for a while BUT until then I would reeeeeeeeally like for it to go away. Anyt tips?


PS - I checked the Vulvepedia and could not find anything
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