Katrina (katrina_splat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Explaining non-hormonal contraception to parent and charting tips/help

Hi there,

My Mum keeps calling me up and getting very vocal about all the 'risk' I'm taking by not being on the pill any more. I went off it for a few reasons, some not very well thought out at the time (I felt it was affecting my mood and libido -- while it's better now, I don't know if HBC was the cause of this). I feel better off the pill, perhaps it's just in my head. I like watching my body and seeing what it does, I like that I am not having as much dryness as when on HBC. I'm using a barrier method (condom) and keeping an eye on when I'm fertile (see below) as a combined method of contraception. Does anyone have any experience explaining this arrangement to a guardian? I live with my partner, and we are confident in our decision. I don't know how to help her stop worrying without going back to hormones, and I'm enjoying not being on them. I do know to a large extent it's not her business, and I could just lie to her, but I'd like to explain how this is an effective method too. Any up to date stats on how these combined methods work would be great as well.

I am also trying to chart my cycle, and while I'm guessing probably close when I'm ovulating from my period dates, I don't think it's as accurate as it could be. Does anyone have any good resources, even a book, that explains how to chart accurately? There's a few I've found online that seem to chart fertility but several of them needed a subscription payment. I don't have a thermometer on hand to check temperature, but I'm pretty good with noticing my mucus.

Thankyou for reading, I'm happy and confident about this but she has the ability to make me feel so stupid :(
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