Lethabarb.x (lethabarb) wrote in vaginapagina,

 Hello ladies 

just a quick question.. im hoping some of you have had a similar experiece and can help. 

Background info: im 20 sexually active with a long term bf. i'm not on any birth control at the moment (it made me massively fat and grumpy) but we do use condoms. i get regular periods and am pretty 'normal' in terms of all things down there.

this morning when i got up and went to the toilet i noticed i was bleeding a tiny bit from my vag. we hadn't had sex for a few nights and i finished my period about a week ago.. im insanely regular when it comes to menunstrating so i was a bit confused as to why there was blood coming from there again. i dont have any pain or anything.. i just had a little bit blood/pale red discharge that stopped by late morning and was followed by a little bit of discharge that was a slight yellowy colour but didn't smell. 

what could this be? i dont have a doctor available to me right now.. is this something i should be worried about? 

thanks for your time :) 
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