hellgamatic (hellgamatic) wrote in vaginapagina,

Plantar Warts -> Genital Warts?

I just finally connected the facts and realized that plantar warts are caused by HPV. I have had plantar warts on my feet since I can remember, though I have not had any for the past year or so.

I was wondering, though...is it feasible for the virus to spread to my genitals? I am monogamous and we were both virgins before, so I had figured my chances of getting any STDs were pretty much nil...but this kind of worries me.

Also, is it normal for the plantar warts to just stop showing up? It seems like (until recently) I have not ever had a time period where I didn't have one on one of my feet, making it feel like I was stepping on a rock every time I walked >_<

Oh! And another question, only slightly related. Canker sores (aka little mouth ulcers of DOOOOOM) are definitely 100% NOT transferable to the genitals, right?
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