dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in vaginapagina,

never trust your boyfriend when your friends tell you he is cheating!!

So i went to my doc today and first of all i have to say how nice he was to me about the whole thing he was very compassionate ansered any questions i asked him and did not humiliate me as i have experienced before when asking questions about my sexual health to male doctors!!

Anywho he inspected the "liasions" straight away i am very confused as to what they actually are though!! He said herpes but i was under the impression that it was genital warts caught from my lying cheating bastard of and ex boyfriend. But are herpes and genital warts the same thing im really confused? He was using alot of medical jargon so i would appreciate some translation. He said one sorta looked like a verucca type thing and a few others looked like viruses children commonly contract something beginning with "t" i think it was. So overall im a tad confused as i asked before are herpes and genital warts the same thing of a different name??

Anyway he froze them then and there on the spot! he said i had noticed very early and caught it early and it should take about a week to 10 days to go away and if not to come back!! and that i need to get regular smears from now on!! He told me that it wouldnt affect my fertility thank god( as i would love to have children eventually) anyway im pretty much wondering is this how any of you experienced "this"?

i was also curious as to how often if at all this outbreak my reoccur in the future and what that will mean for any future sexual relationships i may have??

thanks very much for your help and reassurance
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