babyastronauts (babyastronauts) wrote in vaginapagina,

If I'm not pregnant then where is my period?

I take Ortho-Tricyclen and my last period started on Wednesday January 6th. I had my wisdom teeth taken out the next day and was told the antibiotics affect the effectiveness of my birth control. On the 16th I had sex and the condom broke. I was still worried about the antibiotics so I took Plan B the next day. Then on February 1st I had sex and the condom broke yet again. The few days before I had been a bit forgetful with my birth control and I should have been ovulating and from what I understand most fertile so I took Plan B again.

I should have gotten my period this Wednesday, the 3rd. WIthout fail I get my period every four Wednesdays. I took a pregnancy test last night and this morning, both with negative results. I know I'm probably fine and the Plan B might have messed up my schedule. I just need some reassurance or any advice anyone could give me.

Thank you!
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