The Wolf's Lair (airenwoodmoon) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Wolf's Lair

Keeping Cloth Pads in Place & Pad Rash

Hi again! Less emo set of questions this time around.

Basically I'm dealing with labia which really, really hate me. My skin is stupidly sensitive so much so that sex loves to create little tears, I can't deal with plastic pads, bleached pads, or even cloth pads for extended periods of time. And I now have a Mirena which means I'm bleeding more often than not.

I'm only two days into bleeding enough to have to wear a pad and my labia and perineum are on fire. I'm pretty sure that my skin has just reached the end of what it can take with pads and tight panties and bleeding so that there's really no way to stop what has already occurred. I'm planning on sitting pants-less on an ice pack when I get home in a desperate attempt to shut the damned nerves up, but I can't do that at work, sadly enough.

Anyone has any other tips on soothing this? I've been applying diaper rash cream, both a more natural one (Burts Bees) and one with Benzocane in it (Vagisil) and all they do is burn like I just stuck Tabasco sauce on my bits.

And now my questions about preventing this in the future if possible. I can't use a cup, tampons are utterly useless in this situation because I just bleed down the side of them so I'd have to wear a pad anyway, and I'm bleeding too much to just go pad-less.

In order to keep my pads in place I have to wear fairly tight underwear and I'm thinking that probably contributes to the problem. So, those of you who use cloth pads, how do you resolve the creeping pad issue? Is there some mystical trick to keep the suckers from crawling their way up or down or spinning around? (Yes, I have had that happen. I don't know if I have a narrow crotch or what but no matter what everything folds in half and I bleed down the right side. So annoying.)

I'm using the Lunapads style of cloth pads if that helps; wings with a snap and liners also with wings. I have a pocket kind of style pad too- where the ends have little pockets that you insert a folded up liner into. These are utterly useless for me because of the aforementioned folding issue, but they also creep around on my underwear unless I'm wearing ones that are tight enough.

I'm very likely just doomed to this for the rest of my life, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Maybe there's some mystical trick I don't know about yet.

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