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Jo Ellen

Receiving oral while menstrating

This is sorta an "off topic vagina topic."

I got my period on Wednesday the 26th. By night time Sunday the 31st, I appreared to be completely off. I hadn't bled since early Saturday. I fingered myself in the shower just to be sure nothing would become dislodged during sex. Nothing.

So my boyfriend performed oral sex on me. He was still "leary" and kept his tongue away from the vaginal opening. (I say "leary" because rarely ever will he put his tongue anywhere near it. UGH! Aggravates the shit out of me. But with that aside...)

After oral (I didn't orgasm) we had sex. I was on top as always and after the fact, there was blood on his penis. Just a small amount, but enough to need a few squares of tissue as a liner.

I've had this happen about 3 times before where I thought I was off and his penis dislodged the blood (whether I orgasm or not).

The problem is... he started getting sick the day after. Then the next two days, he was sick enough to have to stay home from work.

I don't know if it is a coincidence or what, but that happened one other time. I thought I was off my period, he performed oral (never tasted blood or anything) and he got sick within two days.

Is this just a major coincidence or could he have gotten sick from performing oral sex while I was still bleeding?

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