Your own personal Hero/ine (athena_altera) wrote in vaginapagina,
Your own personal Hero/ine

My first ring-free week

I'm a new NuvaRing user, and this is my first ring-free week. The first three weeks were fine - took me a few days to get used to the feeling of wearing it, and then life was great. I removed the ring as scheduled on 1/31. I felt rather down and weepy (probably typical PMS-type symptoms) for a few days after removing the ring. Yesterday, 2/3, I began bleeding. My normal periods always featured medium-heavy flow and some mild-to-moderate cramping on the first day, then increasingly lighter flow for about four more days and no further cramps or pain.

Yesterday, my bleeding was light. I experienced some mild and dull cramps during the day (which didn't bother me), but then I experienced sharp, painful cramps around bedtime, so bad that I had to stop everything I was doing and curl up in bed with a heating pad because I didn't know what else to do. I've never had really painful cramps before. I've never taken OTC pain medication for cramps, but I was considering it last night. This morning, I discharged a rather sizable chunk of tissue. I'm used to seeing bloody menstrual globs on the first day or two of my period, but this was more like a glob without the blood.

Can anyone else relate to these experiences? I was expecting to see a lighter flow based on what I'd read about hormonal birth control, but I was completely surprised (and a little scared) by the painful cramps. My uterus is still feeling a little dull ache-y today, but it's not bad like last night.
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