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suggestions about non-hormonal contraceptives

HI everyone.

I used to be on HBC pills for a few years, took alesse and others, got tired of taking them and felt like they messed with my head a little bit. also had spotting, which was the reason i stopped taking them.

I have genital herpes and take valtrex daily.

I have a boyfriend. We use condoms only. He knows about my herpes. We are mostly concerned about unplanned pregnancies at this time as we are both finishing grad school this semester and in no position to have a baby.

The problem is that once in both december and january, we had condoms break right in the middle of my cycle (which is regular 28-30 days), so approximately around ovulation-ish, and to be safe, i took plan B. two months in a row. (well i actually took leftover birth control pills, but to the same effect).

i DO NOT want to go through that again anytime soon. The pills made me feel sick for about two days and emotionally exhausted from the hormones, and messed with my cycle.

I think that part of the reason the condoms broke was from vigorous sexual activity over a long period of time without adequate lubrication (as in, marathon sessions where i got a little tired, apparently) and that introducing some lube may be a good future idea.

but the other aspect is that we should be using a back up method anyway. i do not want to use a hormonal method, and i do not want to use an IUD as that just seems like a bit TOO permanent for me and plus i am a happy divacup user and plus they seem to have too many potential side effects.

So i'm looking here for suggestions about non-hormonal, non-IUD contraceptives... there's not a lot of options out there, i realize, just mainly a diaphragm or cervical cap or sponge? i'm also environmentally conscious so i feel like a disposable sponge + disposable condom is just too much waste per sexual encounter to be happy with, so i guess that's out...

thanks in advance for any advice or experiences you can share!
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