meowhimeow (meowhimeow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Worried of having an STD, not sure what it is..?

I've got an STD scare...

My boyfriend had scabies awhile back before we met, on his penis. He went to the docotor, got it all cleared up. But every now and again he gets these red bumps. He says they get itchy and come and go, usually in the same spots. They aren't blistery, just red patch bumps, not itty bitty, just a bump. No oozing or pus-ing. I though maybe they'd be scars? But they come and go and yea. The only other thing is in his semen, there's little jelly like things sometimes, which I also asked about before, but i've read that it's normal?

He's worried of having herpes or something else, and is sooo worried that he's given me something. I haven't had any symptoms besides having pain during sex, which i've made a psot about before. But the pain only started after my hymen tore, blah blah, i need to get it checked out. But maybe I do have something and that could be it? I've had a little bit of odd discharge, but nothing major.

Any help? Sound like an STD or herpes? I've given him oral many times and have no promlem in my mouth, and we usually use a condom during sex, but there has been a few times that we haven't.

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