holleratyogirl8 (holleratyogirl8) wrote in vaginapagina,

I'm freaking out. Here's the back story.

I was on the pill for a month, ran out of the pill late December. There was a 2 week period where I was sexually active with my boyfriend - we used condoms every occasion except for 2, where he pulled out - one of those times I took the morning after pill. There may have been another few times where we went at it without a condom for a few minutes and then put a condom on.

Anyway. I got back on the pill the beginning of the 2nd week of January. I started feeling nauseous like a week later (late 2nd and early 3rd week of January), threw up at work and took a few days off sick with the flu, etc. and everyone kept telling me I was pregnant, so I bought two pregnancy tests.

Because of my stopping the old pack of the pill and waiting two weeks to start the new one, whereas my period would have been due around the 18th, the new pack pushed it back to now. I wouldn't even know if I was "late", but I took the pregnancy test anyway. It was negative. Four days later, I took another one. It was also negative.

Fast forward to now. I'm on the non-hormonal week of this pack, and started my period this morning. However, I rarely cramp and this morning I was pretty crampy. This afternoon I took my tampon out and along with a normal amount of blood, there were two pieces of tissue about 2-3" long and 1" wide, coloring was light pink/grey/white and kind of rubbery/stretchy in texture.

Is it possible I had a miscarriage? What else could it be? I'm freaking out because I feel otherwise fine, the cramping hasn't come back since this morning when I took some ibuprofen -- but I've never had abnormal periods so I don't know what's going on.

I'd appreciate any and all helpful responses...thank you so much...
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