anonuser89 (anonuser89) wrote in vaginapagina,


I just have some questions about the nuvaring since its going to be my first time using it pretty soon.  I was on the pill but couldnt remember to take my pill everyday and didn't want to risk getting pregnant so my doctor switched me to the nuvaring.  I havent been on the pill for like a month.  I was told to insert it the first day of my period.  My last period was Jan. 10.  I get ready for bed and realize I am spotting a bit and if this was my period starting, it would be a bit early.

So, should I insert the nuvaring?  wait till tomorrow and see what happens?  Also, how hard is it to put it in?  How far do I put it up?

Thanks so much...  I didn't realize that I'm kinda nervous about it until I realized I'm going to have to put it in soon!!

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