Tongue tied and twisted, an earthbound misfit, I. (ninabrujaha) wrote in vaginapagina,
Tongue tied and twisted, an earthbound misfit, I.

More bra questions...

So, after reading a recent post about bra sizing, I decided to measure myself to figure out my correct size. What I got was 36 F, but when I went out later to try on bras, the 36 F was way too big in the cup. I tried an E, but it was still slightly large, and the D was the best fit, but it was a bit tight. I felt like my boobs were trying to escape a little bit, but of course the woman trying to sell me the bra kept telling me it fit So Well...
Anyway, am I destined to have ill-fitting bras forever?
I need to buy any new bras online, because Where I live there are no stores that carry good bras for people with bigger chests. (Well, there is one, but a good bra costs more than $100, which is not an option). I've been checking out Breakout Bras, but I'm still wary of ordering online since I seem to be having such a discrepancy with my sizing.
I'm also looking for nursing bras, which Breakout Bras seems to have a good selection of, but my problem is still the same.
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