dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in vaginapagina,

gential warts-freaking out...???

Right well i was just in the shower and i realised that i had a little red bump in my genital area.

After my shower i attempted to inspect further.. it it about 2 inchs away from my...ass crack(dont know the official name) and its kinda like near where my ass cheek creases if that makes sense.

I never noticed it until today and I cant realy see properly because of the position and my awful eyesight!

How do i tell the difference between a genital wart and a bad ingrown hair??

do they look like normal warts or just sorta red?

if it is a genital wart what do i need to do (aside from going to the doctor)??

p.s i got fully screened not too long  ago and it was all clear.Is it possible that a screening would miss genital warts?? i understood that i was being tested for absolutly everything??

p.p.s i recently got a very small little wart on my thumb this may be silly but is it possible that it could have transferred from there??

thanks xxx
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