Kathryn (fairlina) wrote in vaginapagina,

GladRags vs LunaPads vs ??

So I'm ready to try reusable cloth pads for my period.  I love my DivaCup but sometimes I'm too lazy to deal with it, or sometimes my ladybits feel really sensitive when I'm on my period and I don't like having to stick something up there.

I went onto the GladRags website and saw the "Deluxe kit" which seemed like a good way to go - until I saw the price.  $200 some dollars.  I just about threw up. 

So then I went LunaPads and the prices seemed more reasonable.

Mostly the appeal of GladRags for me is that I live in Portland, so I'm keeping my dollars local.  But as far as quality goes, I have no idea.  I've never bought cloth pads before, so I'm not sure if LunaPads or GladRags are better.

What are your experiences?  Any other cloth pad manufacturers you can recommend?
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