Let Me Walk, Before They (makemerun) wrote in vaginapagina,
Let Me Walk, Before They

Hypoallergenic Pad suggestions -- in plus size

Does anyone have any recommendations for pads which are heavy duty, come in plus size, and don't use any form of fragrance? I have yet to find any that I like, or that fit while not giving me vulva hives (Worst. Hives. Ever.) or flaring up my eczema, so I'm looking for recommendations.

Eventually I am planning on buying cloth pads, or preferably a cup, but right now I need something for post-labour that I can just throw away. I have yet to find any that don't cause a reaction AND fit, so I typically just "suck it up", but I'm sure the last thing I'm going to want to deal with post-partum are pads that give me a rash/hives/etc. :/

Thanks in advance!
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