Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lots of stuff about boobs and bras. Joy.

Today I measured myself. I'm working on a sewing project for my roommate and wanted to see if I could function as her dummy in order to make a few small changes tonight. I'm a bit different in shape but about the same in size. Didn't work, but left me with a few measurements.

I gained about 15 lbs since the start of the fall semester in August, and I've been noticing that a lot of my bras are too old/stretched/don't fit correctly anymore. I lost five pounds over the month of January (good thing, too, it was all fat weight and it motivated me to drop things like soda and actually work out). Bras are still not quite fitting.

So I plugged in my measurements today, on six different online bra size generators, figuring I could use them to figure out my new size. And I came up with:

36B (reasonable)
36A (not effing likely; A cups haven't fit me in years)
36AA (even smaller than an A... and I got this from two websites!)
34B (again, reasonable, depending on brand)
36D (hahahahaha. no. never gonna get that big. and this was a major manufacturer.)

This has taught me two things.

One, I'll never buy bras online. Because apparently half these websites think I'm a AA.

Two, bra sizes are a load of bull. My bra size as I know from buying and wearing is somewhere between a 34-38 B-C depending on brand and style. Fruit of the Loom does the absolute best on me, I think...

So, VP, based on today's research and sprouting from my own insatiable curiosity, I have some questions for those of you equipped and willing to answer them. Because then I'll have some ideas when I go shopping.

1. Do you find that you definitively fit into one bra size, or that it ranges between brands? How much of a change have you found?

2. Do you buy bras so that they fit comfortably on the tightest hook-and-loop setting, or on the loosest? I've always gone with the tightest, but seeing as how they stretch out, it seems better to do the latter.

3. Which do you like more, bras with molded cups or ones that are simply fabric? I've found the fabric ones last longer (foam cups get... funny-shaped) and they tend to remove that whole boob-sweat problem in the summer.

4. Do you buy bras with any sort of padding or push-up feature? I've had them before, but I feel odd walking around with a big chunk of foam under each breast, especially considering I hug a lot of people.

5. When ordering online, what websites have you found fit best when ordering at your bra size? Are there websites where you order a size above or below or at a totally different size than normal?

Second topic: since losing the bit of weight and getting off birth control, I've noticed the skin on my breasts seems really slack, probably cause I don't have as much fat pushing it out.

I don't mind losing the quantity, but the skin thing kinda bothers me. I'm a bit young to be having my breasts decide to look like this guy.

Having them lose a bit of size and get slack like this is also letting my stretch marks (from being 90 pounds until I hit 8th grade and then shooting to 140 - yay) on my breasts stick out. Because now when I run a finger down the side of my breast I can definitely feel the ribbing. They're not visible but they're definitely... feel-able?

Yes, it's purely cosmetic and shallow and not something that makes a difference in my life, but I was finally starting to like my breasts and now I feel like they're going back to being something I want to hide and make sure nobody else touches. I know I'll give up and just live with them sooner or later, but damnit, I'm 18. I don't like looking down at almost the same breasts my mother has after 5 kids. I don't think gaining another ten pounds to push the skin back out would be a great idea either.

Is there anything I can do about this? Vitamin E? Good lotions? Suction pumps? (that last one was a joke.)
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