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Maybe a weird question regarding partial hysterectomies...

Okay, so this semester, I'm enrolled in a human sexuality course in college. It's all really interesting stuff and I'm learning things I didn't know, despite considering myself to be pretty body-savvy.

So the chapter I just finished is about female anatomy, and one of the things they cover in detail is hysterectomies. They talk about partial (which they defined as removal of only the uterus) hysterectomies, which leads me to a question.

If a partial hysterectomy leaves the ovaries and fallopian tubes behind, then ovulation is still occurring. If ovulation is still occurring, then the ova are still traveling through the fallopian tubes and going... where? I assume that in an unaltered reproductive system, an unfertilized egg probably leaves with the menstrual blood? If there's no uterus, then there's no period, and there's no place for the egg to go, besides into that now empty space, right? My fiance suggested that the ovum leaves in urine, but  that can't be it because the reproductive and urinary systems aren't connected.

So, in short, my questions are:

Am I right in assuming that an ovum leaves the body in the menstrual blood?
If so, if a woman has no uterus, where do unfertilized eggs end up?
Do they leave the body? How and where?
If they don't leave the body, do they just kinda hang out in the abdomen until they decompose?

Unrelated, but are there any odd PMS-y type symptoms that occur when ovulation doesn't happen? My book says there's this instance called anovulation, which is where the menstrual cycle is normal except that no egg gets released when ovulation normally occurs. Is there any way to tell if something like this has occurred?

My curiosity about this is making me nutty and my book is giving me just enough information to have odd questions.

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