flowergirl84 (flowergirl84) wrote in vaginapagina,

We have puzzled our doctors - maybe you can help?

OK. So I started seeing a fellow two months ago. We have a problem with when we have sex - he gets symptoms (rash, bumps) and I don't. We've been tested and are still trying to figure this out. (Full details in the cut below.) I would really, really appreciate it if anyone out there who has had something similar (or heard of it happening to a friend) would leave comments?

We started having sex about two months ago and a few days after we had (with a condom, but there was some penis-vulva contact before the condom went on) he got a red, raw spot on the head of his penis. A few days later it had spread, becoming a rash of small red spots on his inner thighs. He started taking antibiotics and they cleared. Once they had cleared and he had finished the antibiotics, we had sex again. With a condom. Two days later the symptoms were back, on him. Still nothing on me.

I got blood taken and tested for HIV, Hep C and Syphilis, as well as vaginal swabs for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, and Bacterial Vaginosis. All came back negative. My Nugent score on the BV was 4 (borderline). He's been tested for all the same things plus a bunch of other stuff, both sex-related and not, like kidney trouble. All has come back negative. We've also both been blind treated for Chlam. and Gonn. with antibiotics.

Around this time he was at work and got a high fever, was taken to another hospital and had to be given antibiotics intravenously.

We abstained from sex for few weeks, with only hands touching each others' genitals, and washing our hands right after. This didn't cause any problems. Then the symptoms had cleared from his penis and I went down on him, which didn't cause any problems for either of us. Then we had sex the next weekend (with a condom) and the symptoms came back. Each time they do, they seem to come back quicker, within a day instead of two.

This last time, the symptoms went down his legs to his knees, and through his pubic hair, then cleared on their own after a few days.

The red bumps are mostly small but some get bigger, raw and some have become sort of whitehead pimple-type things.

This past weekend we had anal sex - without a condom.  And the symptoms came back the next day, on him - a few bumps on his penis. Again, still no symptoms for me.

So we feel like we've ruled out: latex (since this past weekend there was no condom involved) ... viral infection, since the symptoms always respond to antibiotics ... allergens in my house and bedroom (since he's been there when we didn't have sex and nothing happened)... the STDs we were tested for ...

We're thinking it's some sort of bacterial infection, either something I have and am not aware I have, or my natural bacteria that he happens to be sensitive to..?

Any ideas? Anything would help.

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