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Lost Virginity and Officially Pregnancy Paranoid!!

Hi Ladies,

So, I am 30yrs old and on 1/24 lost my virginity. He used a condom and I used a VCF (Vaginal Contraceptive Film). I watched him put on the condom and felt for it during sex and it was snug fit ;) He came inside me with the condom on and their was no contact between my "Sasha" and his penis lol.

So after the glow, I'm stressing out a bit. My last period began on January 2 and my next one should start Tomorrow or so. I am not feeling the normal systems of my period coming (other than this nasty zit) and I am thinking all kinds of what if's that could mean I'm pregnant. I think I am just having post - virginity paranoia and may make my period delay. What do you guys think?? Help :)
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