groupieforhire (groupieforhire) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV, metronidazole, and alcohol

I'm on a 7-day course of oral metronidazole for BV. I took the first pill Friday afternoon, and I'm supposed to take two a day. I know that metronidazole has an antabuse effect, but the only thing I could find about drinking alcohol said that I shouldn't have it for 48 hours after taking the last pill. It's a WikiAnswer, though — does anyone have any better-sourced data?

I know my health comes first and everything, but... well... I kind of have a hot date on Friday. I'm not saying that I need to drink, but we're going to an Italian restaurant, and I'd like to have some wine with dinner. I also don't really want to explain why I can't have wine with dinner (and he knows I drink, so that's out as an excuse). Plus, I can't just not order wine; it's a BYO, so it's going to look really weird if we bring a bottle of wine and he's the only one drinking.

I should finish the last pill on Thursday evening — if I take a sip (or twelve) of wine 24 hours later, am I going to vomit all over this adorable boy? If it says to take one pill in the morning and one at night, can I speed up the schedule of things a bit (since I don't have a normal sleep schedule anyway), keeping at least 8 hours between the pills, and end earlier? Or just not finish the bottle, and make my peace with antibiotic resistance?

Apologies for the ridiculousness of the question; I know it's dumb, but I think I'm going to use my "young and stupid" excuse on this one. Don't hate on a girl for liking cute, feminist boys and a glass of wine once in a while :)
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