young supermodel that shall remain nameless (nodisrespect) wrote in vaginapagina,
young supermodel that shall remain nameless

Vageena Hurtz

So my partner has a very thick penis which normally you might enjoy but mostly I'm having trouble with. Basically he's too big and when we try to have sex I end up drying up really quickly which has never been a problem for me. We keep running through condoms (which he already complains about the size) because they dry up and become susceptible to breaking. He complained that since it's uncomfortable for me it's uncomfortable for him too and it's putting a damper on his sexual compatibility with me. I keep telling him to ease into it and he does but it still goes south rather quickly. And then at the end I wind up with a swollen vagina where the labia near my opening is puffed out to the point where skin that should be on the inside... is rapidly approaching the outside.

Is the solution to this as simple as getting some lube? I've never needed to use it before so I don't know, like, how long during the act it lasts. I know your vagina is supposed to adjust to accommodate penis size but I don't feel like mine really is in this case. So, any recommendations/tips/tricks/lubes?
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