justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question about the best friend to some vaginas: the penis.

Hey VPers! Just a question...
My boyfriend is 23 yrs old and has never "finished" with any girl...ever. He's only been with 2 partners- his ex and me. He said its not my fault at all, but doesn't know why he can't finish. He only finishes when masturbating. When giving him oral in the shower or something, he will get very out of breath, moan, all like hes about to orgasm, then sometimes precum a little---then have to move my head away because he goes soft and can't "handle it anymore" as he says (but i guess he said its a good thing!!!!) anyway, anyone else experience this? He thinks...alot...all of the time. He's a musician so every second there's music playing in his head. Could it just be an inability to relax? I'm thinking tomorrow before we have sex, I'm going to give him a full body massage, just to try and relieve him from all of the stress in his life. Anyone else have ideas?

I also want him to touch himself when I'm around so that he can become accustomed to finishing around me/on me so that it may relax him more,  and have him also show me exactly how he likes to be touched.

Any ideas? Thanks SOOOO much!
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