kara jean (frankie4) wrote in vaginapagina,
kara jean

first time..

 Hi everyone--I have read tons on here and I get the feeling that everyone on here is willing to tell about their experiences, which is good.  I'm looking for advice tonight because my boyfriend wants to have anal sex and I have no idea about it.  We have been together for a long time, live with each other, have a dog--so it is not like I should feel uncomfortable around him which I don't I am just scared to try this.  I do not know what to expect.  We both want to start trying new things but I am so self conscious I can't do it so I think if I can start with this then we can go from there.  I am so nervous it is going to hurt and I was told before that guys like it and will not be happy having vaginal sex after they try anal.  If anyone can give me any suggestions about any part of it I will be very thankful.  
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