vivalameghan (vivalameghan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible YI?!

Hey loves! Just wondering something...
Last night I had sex, and it wasn't the uhh...most gentle? Haha. Anyway, I've been having white discharge, sometimes. It's not like pure white, or cottage cheese-y, just slightly milky, I guess. Anyway, when I had sex it kind of hurt, which is said to yeild a YI, but I think it was a mixture of not having sex for a while during the last few months minus about 3 times (it went from sex every day to nothing for a month or two to about once a I think I'm still adjusting?). Anyway, I'm being all OH MY GOD YEAST INFECTION because I can get a SLIGHT itch down there every now and then but I really think I'm just constantly like "Am I itching...???" but my mom said I would KNOW if it was a YI. Anyway, just wondering if anyone would give me their input...
like i said, the discharge is not cottage-cheese like at all, and the itch is not prominent. honestly, maybe the itch is from the sex? it's not even something i think i should worry about. but i will anyway! :)
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