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Tipped uterus/UPLIFT

Hi VPers,

I have some questions that my searches haven't found sufficient answers for. I have a tipped uterus which my then-PCP casually mentioned to me during my first pelvic exam years ago, and how it's not problematic for most people. Neat fact, end of discussion. I've been using HBC off and on, currently on, for several years to treat PCOS symptoms but before that, my menstrual cramps were debilitating. My Pap smears always turn out normal, my STI screen came back negative, and so on. Some sex positions are incredibly uncomfortable for me (especially missionary) which I'd always written off as having a shallow vagina/being significantly smaller than my partners. When websites list "pain during intercourse" as a symptom for any condition, I always assumed that only referred to as some sort of burning or chafing, not cervix-ramming. I sometimes have trouble inserting tampons which I'd also chalked up to my wonky vagina. It's a little different from the others but it's my vagina and I love it.

My mother had two miscarriages before I was born (I was her first child) and my brother was born two months premature. She has a tipped uterus as well, a genetic trait for which I jokingly curse her. She also shared similarly intense menstrual cramping and I haven't worked up the guts to ask seriously about her sex life to see if she has the same position problem.

For shits and giggles, I just Googled "tipped uterus" to see what other people were saying about their situations. Amongst a sea of pregnancy and conception forums, I found a few links referring to the UPLIFT procedure. The very idea of surgery to fix something that wasn't a serious problem seemed frivolous to me so I shrugged it off. But, investigating further, it sounds like all of my "lady problems" are pointing to my maverick uterus and its blatant disregard for standard anatomy. The overall description, a minimally invasive ten-minute(!) outpatient procedure with a short healing time, and associated benefits have reduced my aversion from "complete" to "conditional." The possibility of being able to enjoy face-to-face sex and, should I chose in the distant future, to safely carry a healthy baby with a reduced risk of complications is increasingly appealing.

During my next appointment with my PCP (who has always conducted my Pap smears/pelvic exams), I'm considering bringing up the UPLIFT procedure and possibly having her refer me to a gynecologist to discuss the potential benefits/risks in greater detail. Despite having been around for ten years, it seems like every gynecology/women's health website shares only the exact same vague information, word for word, and I haven't found any personal experiences.

So, in the meantime, I'm curious: has anyone here had this procedure performed? How was the healing time, and how do you feel it has improved your health? Did it help you conceive after previous difficulty? Have any of you considered the procedure but decided to opt out?

Everyone's body is different, of course, but it's nice to know you're not alone. :)
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