noelanna (noelanna) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cant Come From Sex.... We-Vibe would it help?

I have never.... repeat.... never been able to come from penetration. The only time i have an orgasm during sex was when i was manually rubbing my clit as well. It is a sad life but i have just come to the sad realization that i might not be able to orgasm from penetration. Any tips whatsoever? We have tried different positions and i guess it would also help to say that my partner doesn't last very long as well. So it makes it hard to get off. I was thinking about getting a we-vibe. So i can wear it during sex and maybe i could finally get off just from sex.

Any tips or comments would be a major help. I just feel so short changed because my vagina only half works. I would like all the pleasure that everyone else gets to enjoy.
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