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PID for years?

Please forgive me for posting so much, but my head is melted right now with this issue. If I do have PID, would it be possible to have had it for over 3 years without knowing? In early 2006, I lost my virginity, basically by getting taken advantage of by someone I had just met (I take responsibility for my part in that). He used a condom, I was naive about checking but everything seemed to be fine. I went along for my pap smear about 9 months later, and the doctor saw a lot of yellow-green discharge and said it looked like chlamydia. She gave me antibiotics to treat it, as I live in a backwards town with no STI clinic, and I was so shocked and upset, I just went along with it. I asked her if I could have developed PID and she told me to stop worrying. I went back to college 2 weeks later and went for a full STI screening. The nurses there said everything looked fine, and all the swabs came back normal. They said they really doubted I'd ever had chlamydia. Great, I thought.

Well, no, because the yellow discharge and tender cervix carried on and on and on. Some doctors were concerned about STI's, some told me I was normal, but nobody would ever refer me or do anything beyond take swabs. I have always been paranoid that somehow the chlamydia had spread, become PID, and that was causing the discharge but when I asked that here on VaginaPagina last year, the general consensus was a No. Apparently I would've had more symptoms. I went to my GP in September and forced her to do a pelvic exam - she said everything seemed fine and my cervix looked fine and that I had done everything I possibly could. I've also had quite a few painless pelvic exams since 2006 - is this a good sign? The major PID warning signs (stinging urination, lots of pain during exam) didn't come on until a month or two ago.

Also - I was told in the sexual health clinic that there was no way to tell if I had PID for sure, or what damage had been done. I asked if I could have a scan and he said no, there was no way to tell. This isn't true, is it? My GP did refer me for a scan but she said it was to check for endometriosis, not PID.
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