_crystalmyth (_crystalmyth) wrote in vaginapagina,

Well - it's warts.

Alright. So I managed to get a walk in appointment at the health clinic and they said that it was definitely genital warts. Naturally, I'm pretty upset but I was preparing myself for that outcome all day yesterday. The guy I'm seeing is really upset and feels horrible because he thought he couldn't pass it on anymore per his doctor's explanation. I think he may have gotten confused as far as the idea that the immune system could either suppress it or clear it completely. His just suppressed it.

Anyway. They treated me right there with acid and I'm due to go back next week for another treatment and they said I should be fine after that. They said I took the treatment like a champ, because they usually have people on the table screaming in pain after that. I was fine with the treatment - but getting blood drawn...holy sheet. Almost passed out. They hooked me up with Diflucan for an apparent yeast infection (I CAN'T EVER TELL WHEN I HAVE ONE!!! $@!$!@), and sent me on my way.

I assured the guy I'm seeing that it wasn't his fault - it was a risk that *I* took and he was acting on information he received from his doctor. And if you can't trust what your doctor says, who can you trust?

What I want right now is some words of encouragement, support, advice...whatever. Also- I'd like to know if there is anything I can do to sort of build up my immune system to try and fight this off?
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