vilifyingly (vilifyingly) wrote in vaginapagina,

help please!

i didn't know where else to go for this question; google isn't helping too much. i figure this might be the place to get some less confusing information.

okay so i'm 4'10", weigh around 130lbs, and got my period when i was... 11 i think (i'm 22 on sunday). i've always had pretty awkward periods, especially after i had spinal reconstructive surgery when i was thirteen years old, but this last year its been out of control. i had a period that lasted, pretty heavily, for two months. my blood pressure is always spot on and when i went to the doctor after i had been bleeding for 52 days straight, my blood pressure was low and i was becoming anemic. i was tired all the time, i moody, irritated, and depressed. they gave me something to stop the bleeding. after that i had a somewhat 'normal' period, then i went about two months without a period, and then i had a regularly schedule periods. it seemed to be stable-ish for a bit, though always a few days later than the last month. this december i bled for nearly the whole month. the new year brought the end of that period, probably completely done by jan 3rd. then about a week and a half later i started my period again and i've been on since that point. each time i have clotting, heavy flows, or just barely enough bleeding that its still going until it starts to get heavy again.

i've been on birth control twice - a few years ago i was on it for two months, then stopped. then after the first two-month period i was put on birth control again to stop the bleeding and after i finished that month i didn't refill the prescription. both times it was yaz, which i realized i didn't like and didn't seem to help me at all, so its been a year since i've even been on any birth control and before that it had been another year or more.

i don't know what to do. i'm sick of this. this last two months being on a near constant period i'm sleepy, i get mood swings, i keep getting randomly so depressed that i don't even know what to do with myself. i hate this. i hate being on my period ALL the time. it's like i'm never off. its killing me.

does anyone know what this might possibly be? or what i should do? i don't have insurance atm, i am planning on going to planned parenthood but i don't want to just be put on birth control since that may not be what my problem is... idk. i feel like planned parenthood just wont get it right. and we don't have any free clinics in my area. help, please. = (
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