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Hi, I just made a Livejournal to join this community, because I'm looking for assurance and suggestions about subjects that I don't feel comfortable talking to others about.

I've never had sex before. I don't take any birth control or any pills whatsoever, honestly pills and how they can sometimes affect your body scares me, which is why I don't take them. Theoretically if I had sex, but made sure to use condoms, does my not taking any sort of pills heighten the chance of accidental pregnancy? Can somebody tell me more about Plan B and if I need a prescription to get it? I know it's an emergency contraceptive, so would it be a wise choice to take it after every time I have protected sex if I got active? I'm sorry if I come off as ignorant, but I never thought about these things before and I've only just started looking up information. And answers from actual people rather than what sites recommend is a lot more comforting for me.
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